5 Reasons Why WordPress Should Power Your Web Site

1. WordPress is Remarkably Flexible

Yes, WordPress started out as a system for personal blogs. But that was years ago. Today, WordPress is all grown up and mature enough to manage sites for companies like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, GM, UPS, Best Buy and Sony. But the nice thing is that WordPress never lost sight of the individual user and remains one of the most easy to use publishing platforms available for the Internet. So whether you’re a large corporation or a single blogger, WordPress is flexible enough to adapt.

2. WordPress is Intelligently Designed

In days past, redesigning an existing web site was a major undertaking. One way or another, it usually meant starting over from scratch and cobbling together bits of the old site to build something brand new. WordPress is designed so that this kind of ground-up rebuilding is not necessary. In WordPress, your content (what the site says – words, pictures, videos, etc.) is kept separate from your design (how the site looks), which is in turn kept separate from the functionality (what the site does). With WordPress, you can change the look of your web site with a completely new design without affecting your existing content or functionality. Likewise, you can add more and more functionality in modules as the capabilities of your site need to grow. It’s virtually impossible to outgrow WordPress.

3. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is written using high-quality code that is fully standards compliant and produces an output that is very attractive to Google and other search engines. Out of the box, WordPress is very search engine friendly, and it can be made even more attractive by using an SEO plugin to further optimize your content.

4. WordPress is Strongly Supported

Some web site development companies speak of “custom code” or using their own “in-house CMS.” We strongly recommend avoiding these kinds of closed source proprietary approaches to web side development. We have seen first hand how frustrated clients complain of being locked into a particular web vendor who is the only one who can update, or host their web site or fix problems or security issues when they arise. Because WordPress is open source (read more about open source here), you as the web site owner are in control of who you choose to create, host and manage your site.

5. WordPress is Continually Improving

While many proprietary closed-source web site platforms are slow to release upgrades and new features, WordPress is constantly being updated and optimized by the thousands of developers all over the world who work on it each day. And these improvements aren’t just happening under the hood. Since WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the Internet, just about any feature you could imagine for your web site has likely already been built by someone and is just waiting to be installed.

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