Why PressNest Platinum is Worth the Difference

Web site security should be a top concern for any small business or organization. News stories are common of hackers breaching the security of corporate web sites and stealing customer information, passwords, and credit card numbers. More than 140 lawsuits against the Target retail chain have come in the wake of their highly publicized data breach in December of 2013. But it’s not just large corporate sites that are threatened by hackers. Small businesses, professional firms, and nonprofit organizations are also at the top of their list.

PressNest is the service from Brilliant Web Works that provides web site hosting, daily web site backups and weekly updates to your web site software. It provides an excellent level of protection and security for WordPress sites. In 2014, we launched a new Brilliant service, PressNest Platinum. It combines the important services in PressNest with additional layers of security to provide our highest level of protection against web site attacks.

PressNest Platinum begins with a lockdown process in which we lock down 34 separate security points in WordPress. We then set up change alerts that inform us if a hacker changes one of the core system files on your web site. We add to this ongoing malware scanning that helps us detect the malicious code that hackers leave when they compromise a site. Further, should a hack take place, PressNest Platinum provides for total hack cleanup at no additional cost.

By locking down WordPress, setting up alerts and ongoing scanning, we are able to significantly minimize the likelihood of a successful hack and mitigate the damage in the unlikely event that one should occur.

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