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What is Web Hosting Service?

Web hosting is the service that allows you web site to be online. A web server is like a house where your web site lives. It provides the address so that your customers on the Internet will be able to visit you online. Without web hosting, no one could view your web site.

When it comes to having a successful web site for your business or organization, the choice of where to host your web site is critical. A quick comparison of web hosting companies will reveal great differences in speed, cost, uptime and support. Some hosts sell their services at $5-$10 per month. But to offer these low prices, they pack thousands and thousands of web sites onto a single server. The difference in hosting your web site on one of these shared servers and hosting it on a quality private server is like the difference between living in an apartment complex with thousands of noisy neighbors you can’t control and living in a custom  built country home beside a picturesque lake. And often these discount web hosts offer poor support, support by those who speak English as a second language, or support by email only. When your business relies on a solid web presence, quality web hosting is essential.

Four Reasons Why SmartHosting is Important for Your Business

1. SmartHosting Uses Private Servers

Unlike shared hosts and their apartment complex approach to web hosting, sites hosted on our servers never have to deal with neighbors that get out of control. The only sites hosted on our server are the sites we create, maintain and control. While no honest host can guarantee error-free hosting with no interruptions, SmartHosting creates the optimal environment for your web site to thrive.

2. SmartHosting Offers Personal Support

We’ve all experienced the support call where the technician on the other end is impossible to understand or simply incompetent. Or worse yet, they begin the game of “pass the buck” by blaming your web developer for the problem you experience. When we host your web site with our SmartHosting plan, any issues you have with your site will be solved by one call: to us. We take responsibility for the issue and will not stop until it has been resolved. And we speak fluent (southern) English.

3. SmartHosting is PCI Compliant for Ecommerce

If you have ever gone through the process of PCI compliance for a web site that takes online payments, you know how difficult it can be to get approval from their scans of your web site. Our ecommerce server is certified PCI compliant each quarter by ControlScan, the compliance group used by Intuit, makers of the popular Quicken™ and Quickbooks™ software.

4. SmartHosting is Optimized for WordPress

Our servers only run WordPress sites, nothing else. They are fine tuned like a precision crafted engine to handle with ease the workload WordPress produces. Sites hosted on our servers do not encounter the kinds of server-related conflicts with themes or plugins that can be found with other hosts.

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