We Don’t Use Templates – Here’s Why

At Brilliant Web Works, we’ve always been known for our custom site designs. For years, we’ve been helping even the smallest organizations look as great as the largest corporations. Great design that is easy to use is our passion.

But these days, there are many web developers whose idea of custom web design is pick a pre-designed template from an online store and adding your company’s logo and content.  While this approach generally yields a lower initial price point, rarely does the final yield results that last long-term.

At Brilliant Web Works, we have rejected this popular approach and continue to create custom designs from scratch for each client. Each of our web projects begins with a graphic mockup of your site design. We will work with you to hone that design until it meets your exact specifications. Only when you are fully satisfied is this site design converted into a web site. This kind of attention to detail is simply not possible with an off-the-shelf template.

Four Reasons We Don’t Build Web Sites With Templates

Templates Force Your Business to Fit Into Their Mold

Which will be more effective in reaching your customers: a site designed specifically for your target market with well-considered colors, layouts and calls to action, or a generic template with your logo dropped in as an afterthought? Even the best templates force you to fit their design. It shouldn’t be that way.

Thousands of Sites Use the Same Templates

There are a few large online stores that work like a marketplace to sell WordPress templates to web site developers. Each of these stores has a handful of templates that are the most commonly purchased. And each of these popular templates is used thousands and thousands of times over throughout the Internet for all kinds of sites. This means that your web site could resemble the business across the street, or worse yet, a competitor. A custom design guarantees that your web site remain unique amidst a sea of copycats.

Many Templates are Poorly Coded

If you’re not a programmer, then why should you care? Poorly coded templates are notorious for causing strange issues down the road. Think of them like a car with a lousy electrical system. All kinds of unexpected things can begin to happen and they are very difficult to diagnose. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for templates in an online marketplace to have poorly written code that is almost guaranteed to cause issues or present security vulnerabilities in the future. What’s worse, web developers who design by template rarely have the skill to know whether the selected template is well-coded or not. At Brilliant Web Works, we build on one of the best frameworks available for WordPress for a solid web site that will stand the test of time.

We Customize the Back End as Well as the Front

This is an issue that is frequently missed by customers and inexperienced web developers alike. There are many customizations that can be made to the WordPress administrative area to make your web site work with you and not against you. Our custom development doesn’t stop at an excellent experience for your customers. We also consider how you will manage your site over time and create customizations that make it easy to maintain for years to come.

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