Why PressNest is Important

Even the highest quality cars need regular maintenance to keep running at top performance. Your WordPress web site is no different. Because WordPress is a content management system with many different parts working together, keeping it updated regularly is important. Just like your Windows or Mac computer prompts you to download and install periodic updates, each component of your WordPress site needs updates as well. For the average web site, this typically amounts to 3-5 updates per week. These updates to the WordPress system and other software used on your site typically include some new features, and more importantly, patches to security vulnerabilities that could be a back door for hackers seeking to gain access to your web site.

With PressNest, your web site is updated on a weekly basis with all the newest updates available for your web site. Often customers ask, “Can’t we do this ourselves?” And our answer is always, “You certainly can, and we’ll show you how.” But even in cases where you have the technical ability to update your own site, there are three important reasons why it’s better to leave this work to a professional.

  • First, we will update your site on a regular schedule. It’s easy for business owners and their employees to be distracted by their “real job” and forget to update the web site for weeks and months at a time. This creates a dangerous situation, because most WordPress hacks occur on sites running out-of-date software.
  • Second, if one of the updates breaks your site because of an incompatibility with other software, we will fix the issue at no cost.
  • Third, we watch WordPress security news like a hawk. If a critical vulnerability is discovered, we patch your site immediately. We don’t wait until the next update time rolls around.

WordPress Updates are critical for the health and security of your site, our PressNest service provides an additional benefit that is equally as important: Daily Offsite Backups. When you subscribe to PressNest, your website data is proactively backed up each day and stored in our data vault powered by Amazon’s award winning S3 redundant storage system where we retain 30 days of backups for your site. Should your site experience a hack or if you or an employee accidentally erase web site data or inadvertently cause an error to occur, we will restore the previous day’s backup at no cost.

With regular updates and backups, your site is well-protected from the dangers of life on the Internet. But for critical sites, and sites that deal with customer information, more proactive protection is needed.

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